A Virtual Stage To Connect Mathematics Professors

  • In a survey published this past fall of about 2000 professors, 75% mentioned that they support the increased use of educational technologies and 30% described themselves as early adopters of new technologies. Have you ever wondered how to connect with these educators and be able to discuss and debate the pros and cons of being able to successfully use technologies to teach mathematics? Have you waited eagerly for annual conferences to listen to fellow educators share information on their teaching methods? I would like to introduce you to an open virtual platform that has been recently launched by Vretta to connect math professors across our country, a platform to discuss and share technological adoptions and innovations to produce the greatest math show in their classroom.

  • Thank you to everyone who attended my presentation. I hope to see you around here soon.

    Here is a link to my presentation

  • @credmontgo Great work on this! Loved the presentation. Looking forward to collaborate and mingle here! 🙂