Paramedic/Healthcare Math Error Case Studies

  • Looking to see if anyone knows of any recent news stories involving math errors that have led to negative consequences within the health field.

    Answering the question for pre-health students of "why is this important" beyond "your math errors can actually harm" with recent examples is something I'm looking to insert more into connection activities and assignments with case study bases.

  • Great Q Heather - I don't have any examples, but am following this thread to see if our hive comes up with any!

  • This case of a 10-fold dosing error resulted in death.

    I also found this paper which studies the prevalence of dosing errors in pediatric residents:
    "In a recent two month audit conducted at our institution, clinical pharmacists intercepted 19 cases of erroneous dose orders written by paediatric trainees, 10 of them of 10-fold magnitude or more, five of which would have resulted in serious morbidity or death."