• Why do you NOT use calculators

  • Not using calculators encourages a flexibility and fluency with numbers and operations which is important to embed in individuals to support essential numeracy. As one becomes more and more confident with working, at times without a calculator, confidence grows, and in turn a better attitude towards tackling more challenging math emerges, whether with or without a calculator.

  • Just wondering...who is not using a calculator? My son graduated with an Honours Math degree from a large Ontario University. They were not allowed to use computers, tablets or mobile phones but they certainly were allowed calculators. I earned my MBA face-to-face a couple of decades ago. Again, no computers and no mobile phone apps (did they have mobile phones then?) but that was my first experience with the BAIIPlus calculator.
    My question is: why are you NOT using mobile apps and computers. One answer is that mobile apps have rounding problems and lots of integrity issues around evaluations, but, I certainly would like to use Excel which is much sought-after by employers. Bring on computers and tablets!!!!!

  • I feel the same @barbara-eddy. My current limitations/reasons are really around the integrity issue. I haven't found a robust solution to allow the students to use Math apps (apps, Wolfram etc) without the ability to communicate etc. Without a huge budget at least. I have a dream to remove calculators from my classroom, but it's taking time.

    I seem to remember something about a classroom that didn't use calculators come up at the Tech Math Discussion at OCMA a few years ago. Who were they? I don't know. Anyone else not using calculators even just in the classroom outside of tests?